Flight Lieutenant Arrested Over Alleged Sexual Assault Complaint

A 26-year-old Flight Lieutenant in the Indian Air Force has been arrested by police in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore after a 27-year-old female officer complained of sexual assault.

She said she had been forced to go to the police because she was not satisfied with action taken by the IAF after her original complaint about two weeks ago.

The woman, who had travelled to the Air Force College for training, said the assault took place inside her room at the Air Force Administrative College in Coimbatore’s Redfields.

According to her statement she injured herself while playing a sport. She then took some medication before going to sleep in her room. She woke up later that to find she had been sexually assaulted.

Police said they had acted only after having been told the woman officer was unhappy with the Air Force’s handling of her complaint.

An all-women team from the city’s Gandhipuram Police Station carried out the initial investigation.

The arrested officer, who is a native of Chhattisgarh, has been remanded to the Udumalapet Jail.

He had surrendered to the district judge.

However, a lawyer representing the accused has underlined police do not have jurisdiction in matters relating to armed forces personnel.

Such cases can only be heard by a defense court, the lawyer said.

Police have said the issue of jurisdiction is being discussed