Flurona, Omicron situation out of control: Indian Supreme Court

New Delhi: There are reports that Coronavirus Omicron attacks have once again intensified in India. On the other hand, the Indian Supreme Court had to come to the fore because the Supreme Court believes that the Modi government does not have the resources.

It is learned that in view of the increasing cases of Coronavirus in India, the Indian Supreme Court has cleared the admission process of 45,000 junior doctors and allowed them to work in government hospitals. The reason given was that health workers were demanding an increase in the number of medical staff in hospitals due to increasing cases of coronavirus. The health workers have reportedly been protesting since last month.

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Meanwhile, Indian authorities are warning that the rapidly spreading coronavirus in India, the Omicron variant has overtaken the Delta variant. According to the Ministry of Health, the total number of cases of Covid-19 is 35.2 million while 483,178 people have died so far.

It is also reported that in March, April and May last year, about 178,000 people died due to increasing cases of coronavirus. Dr. Manish Nigam, president of the Federation of Resident Doctors Association, said in a statement that the Supreme Court’s decision was important to us at a time when the country was undergoing a third wave of coronavirus.

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“Many government hospitals are understaffed and many staff members are being infected with the coronavirus,” he said. Of the 400 doctors in India, reportedly 98 have contracted the coronavirus.

Reports from New Delhi say that fear and panic are rampant in India at the moment and citizens are feeling hopeless and helpless. That is why Indian citizens want to leave India and go to another country so that they can escape this calamity.

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