FM Qureshi: Pakistan will have religious tolerance

Foreign Minister (FM) Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that Pakistan is determined to use all its efforts for the promotion of peace and harmony among different religions, cultures and civilizations.

“The West should not encourage the misuse of freedom of expression. Islam is a religion of peace which does not accept violence and extremism. As the cradle of different civilizations, Pakistan is a beautiful fusion of different cultures.”

FM Qureshi addressed the International Interfaith Peace Conference here on Wednesday. He stated:

“Despite the inflammatory propaganda, there was a growing feeling in the world that Islam is a religion of peace which does not accept violence and extremism nor does it encourage its promotion or encouragement. Islam vehemently rejects discrimination on the basis of racial superiority and race. The green and white colors of our national flag reflect the spirit of interfaith harmony and are enshrined in our constitution.”

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Shah Mehmood Qureshi also mentioned that following the Prime Minister’s tolerance and interfaith harmony, Pakistan had opened the Kartarpur Corridor for the Sikh Brothers. Efforts are also being made to protect religious sites of other religions and to promote festivals, and they will continue.

The Foreign Minister (FM) said that the thinking and efforts of the Government of Pakistan were in stark contrast to the policies and measures pursued by the BJP’s racist government. Denies its claims to be a secular and democratic country.

“The world needs to make the Indian government realize that similar incidents involving Muslims and other minorities are a serious threat to regional peace and security. And we are determined to use all our efforts to promote harmony.”

Lastly, the FM said that the West should not encourage misuse of freedom of expression nor should it ignore such attitudes which hurt the feelings of nearly two billion Muslims. Prime Minister Imran Khan has highlighted this noble cause with full vigor and vigor in the highest forums.

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