Food Safety Authority sealed three outlets in Kohat


The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Food Safety (FSA) on Tuesday sealed three outlets including two bakeries and a grocery shop for selling expired products and banned items.

Talking to media persons, KP FSA Deputy Director Operations Kamran Khan said that two bakeries were sealed due to presence of over 100 expired cold drinks, two dozen packets of pops and unhygienic cakes.

He added that the grocery shop was sealed for selling China salt, which is banned by the Supreme Court of Pakistan due to its harmful effects on human health.

In another operation, a milk tanker carrying 15,000 liters of milk to Peshawar was inspected by the FSA in the wee hours of Tuesday. No harmful chemicals were traced, while the fat level and water adulteration was found according to the FSA standards, so the vehicle was let go without any further action.

The KP FSA Kohat has carried out 213 inspections during the holy month of Ramadan to curb food adulterations. In these operations over six outlets were sealed while over 5000 liters of fake and misbranded cold drinks were also seized and later discarded.

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