Foreign funding case, PM’s wish fulfilled, Election Commission makes big announcement

Opposition worried by the ECP's decision concerning Foreign Funding Case.

According to a Baaghi TV report, the Election Commission has made made its decision concerning an open hearing in the foreign funding case after the scrutiny committee report came out.

The ECP has once again issued an explanation regarding the open hearing of the foreign funding case. The position on the open hearing of the foreign funding case has already been given in the declaration.

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A statement issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) said that there was confusion over the open hearing of the foreign funding case. The scrutiny committee meeting is held in the presence of the parties, there will be no open hearing of the scrutiny committee. The spokesman said that the proceedings of the scrutiny committee would not be open and the proceedings were continuing in the presence of the parties.

It is to be noted that the opposition parties have demanded an early decision from the Election Commission in the foreign funding case against the PTI and in this regard, the opposition has recently staged a protest outside the head office of the Election Commission.

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A statement issued by the spokesperson of the Election Commission in the last few days said that the allegation of bias against the scrutiny committee is contrary to reality. The scrutiny committee is working as per its TORs. The parties appeared in the scrutiny committee meeting with the lawyers, the meeting discussed the answers submitted by the PTI.

A statement issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) further said that the scrutiny committee had to adjourn due to repeated interference of Akbar S. Babar in the scrutiny work of the lawyer. The scrutiny committee will prepare its recommendations on merit and submit them to the Election Commission.

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It is to be noted that Prime Minister Imran Khan had challenged the PML-N to hold an open hearing of the foreign funding case, which the PML-N had accepted. He had added that we are also ready to broadcast live on TV. Of course, the foreign funding case should be shown live on TV, but the case should be heard by sitting the party leaders.

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