Foreign funding case proceedings can go live or not? ECP Clarifies

Islamabad, 21st January: Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has said that the proceedings of the foreign funding case can not be aired live.

Baaghi TV: Spokesperson from the ECP said that proceedings by the investigating committee in foreign funding case cannot be aired live on TV.

Statement from ECP comes after Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed a ceremony in South Waziristan and stated that a public hearing should be held on foreign funding case.

According to ECP spokesperson, “Foreign funding case is an important and sensitive case for which the verdict will be done based on merit and national interest.”

A statement by the spokesperson urged people to avoid making unnecessary statements and analysis about the case without any evidence.

As per reports from ARY News, the investigating committee will present its extensive recommendation to the commission after taking view of all the aspects.

As per earlier reports of Baaghi TV, PM Khan had challenged that the hearings of foreign funding case should be broadcasted live on television after gathering the heads of the political parties.

While talking to the journalists yesterday, PM Khan said, “Foreign funding case proceedings should be aired live on TV so that everything will be exposed before the general public.”

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