Foreign representatives in Pakistan raise concerns over safety

Foreign representatives from thirty five countries are concerned about their safety in Islamabad for which they contacted the capital police on Monday. Some of them were subsequently given a briefing at Islamabad Safe City Authority’s building.

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This meeting, held to share details with the embassy staff and to develop a relationship with them, was connected to the novel District Foreign Security Cell.

They showed concern over the safety of walking in the Margallas and of street crime. They expressed worries about the sealing of Red zones and the frequent blockades in the city, raising concerns over the secrecy of security measures and of crime statistics which they said should be shared with the embassies, as is done world wide.

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According to police officers, the staff visited the monitoring hall of the Safe City and they were given specifics about the security measures in place for them.

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The police have previously given security services to diplomats of various countries to and from the airport like 15 staff members on May 25 in light of the political instability.

The officers informed that while the hosts of the briefing arrived 15 minutes, the representatives from the embassies of Saudi Arabia and Egypt were early and the others were on time.

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These diplomats and security staff from Far East, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa attempted to arrange a second meeting on Tuesday for those that were not covered on Monday but due to the unavailability of the capitol police chief it was not possible.

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