‘Forgiveness should be a part of life’, Shaan Shahid on the rise of divorce

'People love the idea of love but don't understand it', believes Pakistani film actor Shaan Shahid

When asked about the rising rate of divorce, a senior actor of the Pakistani showbiz fraternity, Shaan Shahid, said that people do not understand how our decision will affect our lives.

Recently, in an interview, the Zarrar actor expressed his opinion regarding the increasing rate of divorce among showbiz actors.

Regarding the surge in divorce rates in the showbiz industry, Shaan said that understanding, trust, and compatibility are very important in a couple and that forgiveness should be a part of life.

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Furthermore, he said that most people love the idea of love, but they do not know what exactly love is; this is why so many relationships fail.

It should be remembered that Shaan Shahid and Amina Shaan have been married for many years. This beautiful couple has four daughters and is living a good life together.

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