Four drown in Karachi’s Hawkesbay beach despite a bathing prohibition

Four persons drowned on Sunday at Karachi’s Hawkesbay beach as officials struggled to enforce a swimming restriction set by the Karachi commissioner due to continued torrential rains and high tides in the sea.

According to an Edhi Foundation official, the victims were Liaquatabad citizens, and two bodies have been retrieved, while two others are still missing.

Mukhtiar Abro, Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Keamari, named the four Nihal, 24, Ubaid, 18, Fahad, 17, and Shahrukh, 24.

According to senior medico-legal official Dr. Summaiya Syed, Nihal and Ubaid’s bodies were brought to Civil Hospital Karachi, but their family whisked them away without following any medical procedures.

The DC stated that the police had set up three checkpoints at Sandspit, Manora, and Hawkesbay, as well as 12 police mobiles, to prevent people from bathing in the sea. He claimed that despite the police enforcing Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), people continued to approach the shore via dirt roads and adjacent goths.

The officer admitted that covering the long shoreline was difficult.

Meanwhile, Keamari Senior Superintendent of Police Fida Husain Janwari stated that seven persons were arrested, and cases were filed against them for breaking the swimming restriction.

According to a DC and Edhi Foundation representative, today’s tragedy occurred one day after two teens perished while swimming at Sandspit Beach.

The deaths were discovered on Sunday morning, according to the spokesperson, and they were identified as Mamun Karim, 15, and Mohsin Zahoor, 16, both students from North Karachi.

Abro informed DC Dawn that their tutor had driven both guys to the beach through a dirt road. He also stated that the police had opened an investigation on him.

Despite Karachi Commissioner Muhammad Iqbal Memon’s July 25 swimming prohibition, the drowning occurrences occurred.

The commissioner’s office warned in a statement that “in light of ongoing heavy rains and high tides created in the sea, there is concern that swimming, diving, bathing, and boating in the sea/beaches may cause danger to public life.”

According to the official order, “there is a high chance of drowning events.” As a result, “essential actions are required to save the general public’s priceless lives.”

“There are sufficient grounds to proceed under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code to avoid any adverse event of drowning and to spare the general public’s precious life.”

“Now, therefore, in the exercise of powers delegated by the home department of the government of Sindh under notification on April 5, 2020, I, Muhammad Iqbal Memon, Commissioner Karachi Division, as a result of this, impose a complete ban on bathing, diving, and swimming in the sea/beaches within the territorial limits of Karachi Division with effect from July 25 to July 31, 2020.”

“The deputy commissioners and assistant commissioners of the Karachi division are at this moment authorized to take action against the violators in coordination with the concerned senior superintendents of police and get the violators booked in writing under Section 188 PPC in the concerned police stations for violation of Section 144 CrPC,” the notification states.