Freddie Highmore confirms he’s married

Sept 30, 2021: The Good Doctor star Freddie Highmore confirmed in an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! that aired Monday, September 27, that he recently got married.

The 29-year-old British actor said he’s married to “a very wonderful woman now” after Kimmel pointed out his wedding ring.

“Yes, I got married. It’s funny; ever since I’ve been wearing this ring, people have been asking me if I’m married, so I figured I should clarify it,” Highmore said. He said that his new wife is also British, but did not disclose her identity or how they met.

Referring to Tom Cruise’s impromptu, couch jumping marriage announcement to Katie Holmes while on the Oprah Winfrey Show set in 2005, he said “I’m not going to jump up and down on the couch on the talk show and express my excitement that way.”

He added, “I know that you do that in America. But I’m as happy as a Brit can be and I’m married so yes, I feel very happy.”

Highmore said that he was still getting used to the “terminology” and the vocabulary of being married, saying that “a ‘married man’ just sounds very old and ‘my wife’ sounds very possessive.”

“We don’t really use that yet, but we just point to the rings and be like, ‘Here, look, make or draw your own conclusions,'” Highmore said.

His other roles include Finding Neverland in 2004 and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory in 2005, where he played titular character Charlie Bucket. He also starred as Norman Bates in the horror series Bates Motel from 2013 to 2017.

Highmore currently portrays Dr. Shaun Murphy, a young resident surgeon with autism, on medical drama series The Good Doctor, which is currently on its fifth season.

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