From floods to fire – Act now lest Gujrat drown in woes

The heavy rains across different parts of Pakistan have caused flash flooding. The incidence of rain here this time around is rather baffling. But if you compare the rain pattern with other countries it might appear that we are no different.

The downtrodden and the marginalized segments of the society, seem to bear the severest impact… many humans have been swept away with numerous houses caving in. Little do we realize what it means for those who are forced out of their homes amidst the floods only to settle elsewhere almost with nothing in hand.

They are the ones who are stretched to the extremities of wretchedness. This is all due to global warming.

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Perhaps we need to pull our socks up. On a national level, we need to have cohesive policies to usher in an integrated programme which guarantees low carbon emissions and a concerted effort towards going green. A holistic approach to come to grips with an imminently precarious situation is, therefore, a must.

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Gujrat is my city and my love. The people of my city have been close to my heart. It is heart-rending and gut-wrenching to see them submerged in water. The deluge of rain is mercilessly crippling. People are at the mercy of humble circumstances. My appeal to our worthy chief minister is to plan a visit here. Get the most important people of the concerned authorities to come, survey the whole area and get going.

You will have to come up with out-of-the-box solutions to have it all restored to the utter satisfaction of your constituents. I am in the city but can’t get to my house. The wall of my house at Gujrat has caved in, the water rushing into my house beyond safety levels. I don’t care but simultaneously those living in low-lying areas must be rescued. Please, please come, visit and announce a big plan for the sewerage. Make sure you give it to FWO or some credible organization. I am speaking on behalf of our hapless communities. I hope our request will not fall on the deaf ears of the concerned authorities.

Assign related personnel for the job. Get it done before we all drown in our woes.

You are a man of all seasons. Please gird up your loins and get going. People love you. Don’t let them harbour an anti-sentiment. So be quick and get going.

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This conundrum is just one of many.

Go to other areas of Punjab wherever help is due. Do your best because time flies.

Cars and men swept away in the torrent.

The fire is another predicament we have to be in control of. The conservation of forests is a must. The guards must have the proper gear in the event of a fire. The fire extinguishing squad has to be prim and proper. Fire fighting equipment at a greater must be catered to. God forbid if we had a Cuba-like situation, we will be at a loss. The fire at the oil depot has been the worst in the history of Cuba. Men from Mexico and Venezuela had to be brought in to douse the conflagration. Tragically it left some killed and many injured. We have to prepare ourselves for the worst because all lives matter.

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It is essentially important, that the cities with compounded problems of issues like sewerage, flooding, and excess water, caused by a deluge of rains should be tackled either through long-term programmes or through solution holes. This is for the cities with low-lying areas where water is excessively gathered after rains. Solution holes are a kind of instant relief. The deputy commissioners through their executive orders must have solution holes sunk in. You sink a hole with a circumference of 8 inches by 9. Go down up till 80 ft in different areas. The casing has to be 8, and the pipe of, 9 inches. Now in the event of rain, the water would flow down. The water table is constantly replenished and then there is no problem with the excessive water.

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