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Funky Attire Campaign of Ali Zeeshan-Shabbo Ayeza Khan-performed

sindh govt ad

Pakistani television actress and gorgeously model Ayeza Khan have acted in multiple hit dramas such as Pyare Afzal, Mere Paas Tum Ho & Chupke Chupke. The gorgeous Ayeza Khan always takes the spotlight because of her elegant photoshoots and luxury lineage holidays.

In the recent campaign of Ali Zeeshan (designer) the Attire is a formal and traditional wedding dress, he hired Ayeza as the lyricist for his unique campaign Shabbo which has been shot with traditional formal unstitched wedding dresses. In the visual Ayeza has been singing songs and distributing Gol Gappas As Shabbo. Well, here is the funky video of Ayeza Khan by Ali Zeeshan.

People are honoring Ali Zeeshan for nevertheless again proceeding out of the box. Regardless, fans have knocked him on catering lower class with this campaign while his clothing never catered for class due to heavy price.

Ali Zeeshan campaign Shabbo getting mixed reviews messes are saying it’s cheap and digesting and some are saying it’s creativity and the rest are saying his dress is not catering for the lower class because lower class People were not offered Ali Zeeshan dresses so why did he choose this class people for his campaign.

Ayeza Khan performed in Ali Zeeshan’s campaign as Shabbo in this video she is distributing Gol=Gappas to people and Singing, the song “Gol Gappay Wali I” She is wearing yellow embroidering work Shalwar Kameez, and her red dubata is around her neck.

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