Funniest Animals to make you Laugh

Cats are arrogant, dogs are lovely, parrots talk too much, horses behave cool, goats are innocent

Sometimes, animals behave unexpectedly weird that can actually make you laugh and you can’t stop looking and sharing the pictures. Here are few pictures caught right at the moment to capture a quality shot.

When you and Bae are angry and don’t want to look at each other.

Desi Aunties’ reaction of ‘haw haye’. 

When you accidentally open your front camera, but its still cute.


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When you and your sibling is fighting. You hide and he miss his target. You reaction:

When you ask your friend to pose for a picture and they think they are looking cool this way.

There is always a photo-bomber on weddings who fix himself disturbing a group photo.

When you sibling is going to complain your mother about you. You would be like, ‘Please, don’t say it! Mom will hear you. I’ll buy you more cupcakes tomorrow.’

A singer who is confident of his voice but not sure for listeners’ ears.

This is monkey a version of ‘Despicable Me’.

Funniest Animals to make you Laugh

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When she says, ” You look cute in messy hair”.

When you hit your little sibling by mistake and he is about to cry and you are sure that mom will not spare you for this.

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You: Bonus: Parrot’s type of work out for six-abs.

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