‘Future of PTI is bleak’, claims Hafiz Saad Rizvi in exclusive interview with Mubasher Lucman

Hafiz Saad Rizvi, head of Tehreek-e-Labaik (TLP), while speaking on the program of senior investigative journalist and anchorperson Mubasher Lucman, said that elections should be held on time. The leader said that TLP is ready for elections, and political parties are contacting for seat adjustment, adding that tickets will be given to eligible candidates.

According to Hafiz Saad Rizvi, former Prime Minister Imran Khan imprisoned those who fought the Kashmir issue. It was during his rule that Muhammad Saeed was convicted. We cannot remain silent on Malik Yasin’s sentence and will continue with our public service. France refused to back down from its stand on state insults, yet Imran Khan’s government went to their embassies and apologized. 

Introducing his guest, Mubasher Lucman said that the person I am going to interview today will surprise you all in the upcoming elections, he is a bright star in Pakistani politics, some people even consider him a religious extremist – there are two opinions. After the death of Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi it was said that the party will be divided, but nothing happened. Hafiz Saad Rizvi was imprisoned, a long march took place and thirty-eight people were martyred, with many others injured. Everyone chanted the slogan demanding the release of their leader with no other demands. The future of the TLP was questioned, and the Islamic political party was accused of being an Indian agent. Now, look at the situation of PTI, which labeled TLP as an Indian agent. 

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Hafiz Saad Rizvi while answering the questions posed by Mubasher Lucman said that the situation in the country is like this. Slogans are chanted for the sake of personal and/or political interests, the situation in the country is fine with protests in a democracy. Those who were oppressed during the rule are now getting their share. PTI is not condemning the martyrdom of policemen today. When it happened in our march, our people also attended the funeral. Why make fun of the martyr? Violation of the sanctity of the chador and the four walls is not correct. This happened in our homes too and a lot was taken away.

Hafiz Saad Rizvi further said that whenever elections are held, we are ready. It is the job of election agencies, as the situation develops, the movement is ready. Our leader had a theory that our people will be left behind and will give tickets to the deserving people. On the question of giving tickets to Fawad Chaudhry, he said that if Fawad Chaudhry is also an ideologue, then we will give tickets, if not then no. The future of PTI is bleak. Sitting on the seat is challenged, Imran Khan did nothing when he was the Prime Minister. Despite this, his government visited the embassy three times and apologized for the mistake. That is our report.

Hafiz Saad Rizvi further said that whatever happens in the country, happens for the time being. Pakistan means whatever comes to mind, this goal has been made by the people today, the same was the case with the PTI government and its ministers.

Answering a question with reference to the scholars, Hafiz Saad Rizvi said that a believer is called a Maulvi, no one is more gentle than him. It is said that Maulvis commit violence against women, let someone prove it. Maulvis are at peace, and talk of rights while others see what they do with women. Have the Maulvis sold Aafia Siddiqui? There are people who do not respect their women. Being a Maulvi is not a crime. Can’t say who is affected by the reform. Whoever does not honor the honor of the master Holy Prophet (S.A.W.), we will not honor him. The French affair happened at the state level. We took a big step against this state – we wanted a state boycott.

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Hafiz Saad Rizvi further said that this is the reason why people trust us, other than that we deserve no love. I am happy after marriage, I was happy even in jail, I am happy in every situation.

Hafiz Saad Rizvi further said that the result is visible. When there is no leader, then people run away from shelling. When you are in the air and people are in the sun. There are so many types it’s hard to say. If Imran Khan can do politics in the name of the state of Madinah, then why can’t we do politics in the name of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.)? Why the double standards? Everywhere there is a double standard. Why do the attitudes change where we are concerned?

We belong to the middle class. Resources are scarce but, people are together. Elections should be held on time. Even after the elections, Imran Khan will cry, then what will he do? Democracy must be strong. TLP is an ideological party, we have not even thought of joining anyone, and we will not. Those who agree with the ideology are not from the elite. They stand with us even in difficult situations, when we will run in the elections, we will give a ticket to such a worker. 

Hafiz Saad Rizvi, in response to a question regarding Tehreek-e-Labaik coming into the government, said that their leadership will end the interest by winning the election. The Constitution is Islamic, we will enforce its clauses. No one disagrees on the performance of prayers, no one disagrees on interest, Pakistan is a mosque for every Muslim. To this day we have not called anyone a disbeliever. The economy has not deteriorated in ten days, the basics have to be fixed. Due to the global pressure on the media due to restrictions concerning us, cannot even post a picture on Facebook, there is a petition filed for it. We have no sword in our hands, no ammunition. We are talking about Kashmir, pertaining to which it is being said that we have lost it. Kashmir will not be fought for without jihad. This is the last resort. Pakistanis should have the right to live with dignity.

Hafiz Saad Rizvi further said that those who came up with the idea of ​​Kashmir stood on the road for half an hour. Those who raised voices on Kashmir were imprisoned by Imran Khan. Hafiz Mohammad Saeed was punished by Imran Khan’s government here, what is the crime? Raising voices on Kashmir and punishment took place in the government of Imran Khan. Here they say, we are running the freedom movement. I call Imran Khan the greatest hypocrite.

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Hafiz Saad Rizvi further said that the Sialkot tragedy had taken place and TLP was the first to condemn it. If someone is acquitted or the case is weak, the movement responsible for it will not respond. Many political parties have made affiliation contacts, including PTI and PML-N. When they shot us, then they talked. Now they are being shelled themselves. Imran Khan’s future is bleak. 

Hafiz Saad Rizvi further said that we have formed a panel for liaison with embassies. We want qualified and meritorious people to be appointed everywhere. All grievances will be removed but we can’t forgive the French issue. We cannot forget even for a moment. We also built the minority wing. People come and meet us in the mosques. In the 2018 election, a Christian woman was given a ticket. She became a Muslim not because of our preaching but because of her character.

Talking about the relief activities in the Cholistan area, Hafiz Saad Rizvi further said that the people of Cholistan are also angry. Where there is no signal, no TV, who gave the opposite statement? Those who are thirsty for a drop of water will speak against anyone. The situation in Cholistan is bad, nothing has been done at the government level. Millions are spent in the Cholistan Desert Rally, and evenings are celebrated, but the poor are not helped. There are no rules for eating and drinking, but there is a reason why only the elite get access to clean water. 

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