Future of Students Hangs in the Balance due to Shortage of Funds

Islamabad: Shortage of funds leads to bleak future for students of approximately 422 institutes under the governance of Federal Directorate of Education.  

According to reports, the parents of concerned students have commented that despite having paid the required tuition fee(s), there is uncertainty regarding the academic future of their children. Parents have reportedly also criticized the Federal Education Minister, Shafqat Mehmood, for having been negligent towards his official responsibilities as minister for education. They have further added that the Ministry of Education has not made any efforts to improve this significant sector rather tried to change the narrative by offering a weak rhetoric as an excuse.

Moreover, a lack of funds has created other problems for the parents and management of approximately 422 institutes. It has been reported that nearly 140 buses, donated by PMLN’s government, have ceased to function due to a shortage of fuel and staff. Lack of funds has caused hindrance in management of the parking facilities as well as the automobiles, respectively. Additionally, the bleak situation with regards to shortage of funds has also lead to the sacking of almost 1,800 employees.

Consequently, parents are increasingly being forced to pick and drop their children despite having opted for transport service from their respective schools and colleges. Moreover, although plans were underway to accommodate more students by means of construction of new blocks, no development work could be done as a result of which the management(s) of the affected academic institutes are facing trouble in accommodating the students.

According to reports, members of National Assembly, Ali Nawaz Awan and Khurram Nawaz from PTI, have allegedly expressed concerns over development work and other facilities within the capital city. They have further expressed demands that the government should fulfill the promises made during the 2018 elections.


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