G7 Condemns Restrictions on Women and Girls in Afghanistan

The Foreign ministers of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and representatives of the European Union stated they deplored and opposed the increasing restrictions on the rights and freedom of Afghan women and girls.

After a meeting in Germany, the G7 ministers issued a statement and called on the Islamic Emirate to lift the restrictions on women and girls in Afghanistan.

They stressed that G7 stands with the Afghan people in their demands for equal rights in line with the Islamic Emirate’s commitments and obligations under international law.

The ministers believe that imposed restrictions limit women’s ability to participate in the society fully, equally and meaningfully, it said.

The statement said: “With these moves, the Taliban are further isolating themselves from the international community.”

The group called on the Islamic Emirate-led government to respect women’s rights and meet expectations of Afghans and the world to permit women to equally work and be educated in society.

The G7 ministers added that upholding women’s rights and involving their participation is crucial for long-term peace, stability, and development in the country.