German Traffic Police declared Electric Scooters as Most Dangerous Invention

Over 74 accidents occurred in Berlin due to E-Bike

German Traffic Police issued a report that the main cause of accidents at the moment is the electric scooters which cause over 74 accidents recently in Berlin only.

The report further told that 233 cases of traffic rules violation occurred as they don’t have any document for the vehicle, therefore, they don’t get afraid of fine. Moreover, 65 cases of drunk riders were reported.

The report was based on the research of three months during which many riders were intoxicated and caused accidents leading to serious injuries. 43 normal injuries and 16 dreadful injuries were recorded.

Moreover, due to E-bikes, 27 accidents of normal level was also observed. Using mobile phones, carrying more than one person on bike, rider inattentive or riders drinking alcohol.

Around 19 cases were interrogated in which the riders ran away from scene.

The traffic police declared E-Bikes as the most dangerous invention leading to many casualties, injuries and losses.

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