CDA officials damage Consulate of Ghana.


Consul General of Ghana Shahid Rasheed Butt has blamed CDA for raiding the consulate and causing carnage illegally under the guise of operation against encroachments.

The Consul General of Ghana who was also once president of ICCI and patron of ICST has been forced to go to court against CDA officials for harassment and violation which has resulted in heavy loss.

He also heavily criticised the CDA authorities for supporting the encroachments and turning away from poor sewerage and sanitation conditions of the commercial areas.

According to resources, the CDA launched a justified operation against illegal encroachments in the Super Market of Sector F-6. However, the encroachment blame on Consulate of Ghana was unjustified.

Many encroachments were left untouched while some shops and offices were destroyed. The Consulate of Ghana was also damaged despite the fact that Embassies and Consulates are protected under international treaties.

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