Google Doodle marks Earth Day 2022, highlights Climate crisis

American multinational technology company Google marks Earth Day 2022, with a new Google Doodle, showing images of the global climate change crisis. 

According to reports, the tech company has used time-lapse images to show a glacial retreat at various locations including the Mount Kilimanjaro, Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching, Greenland glacial melt, and others. 

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Through its latest Doodle, Google is highlighting the ongoing climate change crisis showing the melting glaciers, retreating snow cover, deforestation, and coral bleaching, respectively. The purpose behind this is to remind the international community about the impact of humanity on the surrounding environment and climate. 

According to reports, the Earth Day 2022 doodle includes Gifs made from satellite imagery and photographs from The Ocean Agency. The images highlight the glacial retreat in Tanzania between 1986 and 2020, as well as that in Greenland during the 2000s till date. Meanwhile, other images show the deforestation of the Harz forests in Germany with a specific focus on the 1995 and 2020 period. 

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Rebecca Moore, Director of Google Earth believes, “Timelapse allows us to see our planet in an entirely new dimension — and time. Now anyone can witness nearly four decades of planetary change”. 

According to Google Earth’s stories on time-lapse changes, Google Earth is helping to drive climate action and claims that approximately 24 million satellite photos taken over a period of 37 years, “reveal the cumulative effects of human activity and its impact on our planet”. 

Meanwhile, Brigitte Hoyer Gosselink, Director of Product Impact at Google believes, “Technology can play an important role in sparking a global restoration movement by giving groups and individuals the information they need to restore their local ecosystems”. 

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