Government should speed up vaccination, testing amid Covid cases rise

ISLAMABAD: On Wednesday, the federal and provincial leadership gathered at the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) to discuss the constantly evolving scenario as the nation reported more than 200 instances of Covid-19 after a gap of two and a half months.

The best defense against the pandemic was determined to be accelerated immunization of the populace. Additionally, to determine the number of infections across the nation, the number of daily Covid tests, which has decreased fivefold over the past few months, will increase.

Abdul Qadir Patel, the federal minister of national health services (NHS), presided over the NCOC meeting in Islamabad. Additionally, present were representatives from the local government, the National Disaster Management Authority, the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, and the Interior Ministry. Provincial officials took part virtually as well.

Maj Gen Aamer Ikram, the national coordinator, provided a summary of the current state of Covid-19 and its immunization status.

Review of the situation by federal and provincial leaders

It was informed that 85% of the eligible population had received all recommended vaccinations, and 93% had received some recommended vaccinations. Therefore, in Sindh, every eligible person has received their full dose of vaccinations.

To further strengthen protection against Covid transmission, the minister encouraged all provinces and regions to prioritize administering booster doses.

According to him, the national positivity was less than 2 percent given the pandemic circumstances at the time, and the healthcare system and stakeholders were to blame for this. However, he added that despite this, keeping a sharp eye on the situation was necessary.

“The Central Health Establishment (CHE) should rigorously check the health state of incoming travelers at points of entry in light of the current worldwide pandemic crisis. To improve functionality, the CHE will be enhanced, he said.

The CHE tracks domestic and international health-related trends, offers advisories, and takes action to halt the spread of diseases.

Non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) and other actions would be done. It was decided at the meeting to stop the coronavirus from spreading.

The minister emphasized the need for safety measures, particularly in crowded areas, such as social isolation and mask use. He also stresses the importance of rigorously adhering to regulations controlling marketplaces during Eid al-Adha.

204 new infections were reported, according to data made public by the NCOC. While Muzaffarabad, Quetta, Islamabad, Mardan, Nowshera, and Lahore all reported over 2 percent positivity, Karachi reported 15.44 percent.