Government Urged to Take Notice of Rising Wheat Prices

ISLAMABAD, Jan 04 (APP): Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) on Monday urged the government to take urgent notice of increasing price of wheat in open market and asked for immediate remedial measures for controlling its prices.

Vice President, Abdul Rehman Khan, ICCI said taking notice of wheat shortage and rising flour prices in the country, Prime Minister Imran Khan had allowed import of wheat and also increased quota of flour mills that help prevent flour crisis. However, he said now the price of wheat in the open market has again reached its highest level, which was a cause of great concerns. He is afraid that if the price of wheat in the open market was not controlled, the pressure on flour mills would increase and in such circumstances, the price of flour in the open market would not remain under control.

He urged the government to take urgent notice of this deteriorating situation and take immediate remedial measures so that the people could be saved from the problems of high flour prices. Abdul Rehman Khan further said Flour Mills Association has always cooperated with the Food Controller of the area and Punjab Food Department in strict enforcement of official rate. He said 15 sales points have been set up in Islamabad where flour was sold at the official rate while the District Food Controller and his team are regularly checking these sales points to ensure price control.

He further said about 70 sales points have been set up in Rawalpindi while flour is sold at official rates in 16 Sasta Bazaars. However, he demanded that the government take immediate notice of the shortage of wheat as the rising wheat price in the open market would increase pressure on the quota of flour mills and lead to further increase in flour price. He further emphasised the need for the government to act proactively to avert any wheat or flour crisis in the country.

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