Government’s Ineptitude has Crippled the Economy: Shahid Faraz


13th February 2021: Shahid Faraz says that the government’s ineptitude has crippled the economy. There is an additional burden of Rs 200 billion on the consumer base of K Electric. This is not acceptable. It is shocking to see a third tariff raise within just 13 days of one month.

The rulers need to rethink their feudal approach and mode of government. Vice-Chairman Muhajir Qaumi Movement Pakistan Shahid Faraz yesterday met industrialists from the SITE Industrial Area at the residence of Afaq Ahmed. On the occasion he commented that not only has the inefficiency of the government bankrupted the industrial sector, it has also ruined all public-service institutions. It will not be easy for these institutions to be placed back on their feet.

Shahid Faraz said that be it the education sector or the industrial sector, the government’s bad policies have made a mess of everything. There is nothing in the name of governance in the country. A living example is the ridiculous actions of K Electric that led to the third rise in tariff in just 13 days of one month. This is a government conspiracy to bury alive the public as well as crippling the economy.

He said the actions of NEPRA and K Electric are also a symbol of the government’s cruel and biased policies. This is increasing wretchedness and hatred amongst the public, he said,

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