Govt funded Rs 6.55 bln to HEC for HRD Scholarships 2019-20

ISLAMABAD, Aug 26 (APP):The government had approved the allocation of Rs 6.55 billion from the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the Human Resource Development (HRD) Scholarships programme 2019-20 launched under the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

The aim of this scholarship programme was to support all talented Pakistani/AJK individuals enabling them to meet their aspirations of obtaining highest qualification in the field of their choice while ensuring provision of necessary grooming for their development and good human being.

According to an official document, HEC had approved a total of 26,580 Human Resource Development (HRD) scholarships under its 18 ongoing programmes for the year 2019-20. Out of these, the number of local scholarships was 15,810 while 10,770 were awarded for studies in abroad.

Out of the total 26,580 scholarships, around 14,175 were awarded by the HEC during 2019-20 under HRD Programme. The documents further stated that around 2,068 were given to the undergraduate students, 40 Postgraduate while 8,213 to the PhD students. Similarly, around 268 students secured foreign scholarships for undergraduate studies, while 105 for Postgraduate and 3,481 for PhD studies, it added.

The documents further highlighted that under the HRD Scholarships programme, a total of 218,602 scholarships had been awarded so far by the HEC under 82 local and foreign programmes being implemented at universities level funded by the government.

The details of these scholarships shared in the document stated that around 5,736 were awarded among the students of four provinces, Gilgit-Baltistan(GB), Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), FATA and Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). However, 11,733 scholarships were awarded to the local students of Pakistan and AJK. Around 35000 students were awarded the need based scholarships.

Similarly, 165,068 students had been given scholarships under Prime Minister Fee Reimbursement Scheme.  Out of total 218,602 scholarships, around 37,485 were given under HEC to the students of undergraduate level, while 114,799 for Master, 47,542 for MS/MPhil and 18,738 for the PhD. Around 38 scholarships had also been awarded for the Split-PhD programme.

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