Govt providing facilities to people: minister

LAHORE, Aug 28 (APP):Provincial Information & Culture Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal has said the country is facing severe economic crisis when the PTI came to power.

While commenting on one year performance of the PTI government here Wednesday, he said that former rulers had completely ruined the national economy by means of their loot and plunder.
The minister said: “The PTI government had to face enormous challenges at the federal and provincial levels during its first year tenure.”

The performance of the PTI government remained commendable despite facing difficulties and crisis on various fronts, he said and added the PTI government started public welfare projects during its one year period, whereas, previous rulers could not deliver or perform any thing in their tenure.

The people were getting facilities in a true sense instead of hollow claims of the past rulers, he said.
The minister said the PTI government was pursuing austerity policy and solid steps taken for the eradication of corruption were also bearing fruit, adding that merit had been promoted across the province and nepotism had also been ended. Resources were being spent on public welfare instead on
personal liking projects, he said and added education, health and social sector institutions were being given priority.

The CM Punjab along with his team was serving the general public wholeheartedly and with noble intentions, he said and added the PTI government would definitely come up to public
expectations in coming years.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team was ensuring austerity of national resources and saved resources were also being spent for the provision of facilities to the general public, the minister said.

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