Govt’s ban on Indian content being well received by public

ISLAMABAD, Aug 27 (APP):Government’s ban on Indian content on Pakistani TV and cinema screens was being well received by public as people were angry and fuming over Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir and boycotting Indian content to show solidarity with their Kashmiri brothers.

Amid the escalating tension between India and Pakistan and in the view of India’s atrocities in occupied Kashmir, earlier this month a ban was imposed on Indian content being aired on media including films, dramas and TVCs as well as those featuring Indian actors.

As per the notification issued by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority (PEMRA), the Indian clips, news reports, songs cannot be telecast on the Pakistani media. Ban has been imposed to the extent that the channels could not invite the Indian journalists, celebrities or politicians in the talk shows.
Such bans have been imposed in past as well whenever there was a tension between the two countries, but it was not observed appropriately in comparison to what today people were feeling for Kashmiris and resentment against Indian brutalities in IoK.

A local cable operator in G-6, Atif Ahmad, told APP that no Indian content was being broadcast through his cable company including those English movies which were dubbed in Hindi. “This decision was not only taken because of PEMRA’s notice but we have also received many calls from our customers demanding not to air any Indian content”, he said.

He said kids’ channels that were broadcasting Hindi dubbed or Indian cartoons for kids has also been taken off air as many parents were registering their grievances regarding Indian cartoons as well.
A resident of Bani Gala, Ehsaan Ali who was also a teacher in local school, said such steps were important for not only for our national unity but also to educate our kids the importance of moral values.

“Children in Kashmir deserve the same freedom, education and love as our kids are getting. It was necessary to let our kids know that there are children, same as their age, in that part of the world who were suffering and need their support and prayers”, he added.

Many on social media also welcomed the decision and vowed to make this boycott successful to show solidarity with Kashmiris who were under complete siege and facing communication blackout by fascist Indian government and occupational forces.

Talking to APP, a Lahore-based social media activist, Salman Raza said it was high time for us to show the world that Pakistan was standing behind Kashmiris. “Not watching Indian movies, not listening to Indian songs won’t solve Kashmir issue but at least as their only support we must take this moral stand to show the world that Kashmiris aren’t alone”, he said.

An MBA student from Air University, Ali Ahmad wrote on his twitter account, “Speaking up in favour of Kashmiris on social media and then watching a Bollywood movie is nothing but a mere hypocrisy and we as a nation need to be united at this point”.

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