Graphene to revolutionize computer chips

Graphene is potentially 200 times stronger than steel

The chips found in the best CPUs and GPUs currently on the market are all made of silicon, but scientists are constantly experimenting to save power and increase the performance of computers. 

A material called graphene is an option that can potentially perform 10 times better than silicon while maintaining low power consumption, but it is very expensive to manufacture.

According to the report, several companies have talked about using graphene as an alternative to silicon-based chips.

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Although silicon is popular today due to its high yield and acceptable production cost, graphene can certainly be improved. It is much stronger than silicone and possibly 200 times stronger than steel; it is extremely lightweight as well.

A square of metrographene weighs less than one milligram. It is also extremely favorable both thermally and electrically, and may replace copper in future chips.

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Graphene-based chips are complex to make, so it’s hard to say when mass production will be possible. Unlike Graphene, silicon-based chips are widely available and cheap to make.

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