Greenland is Not for Sale: FM Greenland

US President Donald Trump surprised everyone by wishing to buy Greenland, the world’s largest island, in Denmark.

According to a report by the British Broadcasting Agency, US President Donald Trump presented this plan to buy the sovereign Danish area of ​​Greenland to his advisers over a dinner.

According to reports, during the dinner President Trump was discussing Greenland’s natural resources and geographical importance with his advisers, and suddenly he asked them whether the United States could take control of Greenland.

Then Trump asked White House legal experts to work on the issue. Reports suggest that some of Trump’s advisers also agreed with the idea, but others dismissed it as a crazy dream.

Why is Donald Trump interested in Greenland?

Presumably, US President Donald Trump is interested in Greenland because of its natural resources, minerals (coal, copper, iron, zinc) and geographical importance.

Two people familiar with the matter told the American newspaper, The New York Times, that President Trump is also interested in Greenland because of its strategic location and its importance to national security.

The United States intended to set up its radar base system in Greenland since the Cold War era.

Greenland’s Response

Greenland has rejected US President Donald Trump’s proposed plan saying ‘Greenland is not for sale’.

“Greenland is rich in natural resources and minerals, our doors are open for trade but we are not for sale,” a statement from the Greenland Foreign Ministry said.

Danish politicians, on the other hand, have also called Trump’s plan a joke.

Where is Greenland Located?

Greenland is located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the frozen North, and is the largest island in the world after Australia.

It has a population of about 56,000 people, has its own parliament and a small sovereign government.

About 80% of Greenland is covered by snow, but global warming is causing ice to melt and access to Greenland’s minerals is becoming possible.

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