Gang-raped in Lahore a Pauper girl abducted

In frightening expansion, a drifter girl was reportedly abducted and then gang-raped by anonymous men in Lahore.

A terrifying expansion point, the girl was begging in Lahore’s Sundar area when she was abducted and then raped at Haveli Lakha. The criminal also abducted her six-year-old son.

The young lady in a certain way managed to evade and reached the police station. Interim, the six-year-old boy was still with the kidnappers.

The victim submitted a First Information Report (FIR) to the local police station against four named offenders and two stranger offenders.

Pakistan is no outlander to rape. Agonizing happenings of rape remain to rise. Corresponding to a statement by an NGO called Sahil, a total of 2,211 cases of child abuse were indicated across the country in the first six months of 2022.
Interim, an investigation of the Tolerable Social Establishment Corporation and the Centre for Research, Establishment, and Transmission stated that at least 136 women were abducted and 71 raped while 114 cases of sexual abuse of children were reported across Pakistan in the month of August alone.
Earlier, law enforcers in Lahore arrested two cops for the incursion and rape strike on a woman in the Defense area. The victim told cops that two constables of Punjab Police tried to molest her while she was returning from work along with her co-worker.
In another incident, a girl was allegedly raped by an armed man in a village within the jurisdiction of Saddar police station in Punjab’s Layyah district. The girl, in her statement, said the police intentionally postponed the arrest of the offender.

A girl was gang-raped and anguished in Layyah. The offender also shot the tape of the horrific incident. Police said that seven alleged criminals were appointed in the case

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