Gul Bukhari in Pain after Maryam’s Arrest! Envelope Delayed

Before writing anything, one question is must to be asked; “If you love Rome more”, why don’t you fly there and leave spreading dirt in Pakistan? 

A famous activist who is seen active on social media just for one major cause and for that cause, she even has far left behind the borderline between right and wrong, Pakistan and anti-Pakistan, Pro Nawaz-Bilawal league or Pro Pakistan. The war is not between Pakistan Tehreek- e-Insaf (PTI) and opposition, the war is much smarter than it is represented by activists like her.

While talking about the people, or just say liberals; be creating a fuss maximum time of the life on issues that don’t even belong to them, but yes, to receive “something”, they had to forcefully create a reason. Gul Bukhari has always been seen sharing trash against Pakistan army and leadership that might be better for Pakistan. She is seen too much blindly supporting Maryam Safdar and Bilawal Zardari that she has lost the eye to recognize the differences.

In the situation, where every Pakistani is praying for Kashmir and thinking to be united to fight against India, the traitors from inside are using their voices to show India that we are not united and that the beloved country is weaker.

Mariyam Nawaz’s tweet on Kashmir issue and her followers using hashtag “مقبوضہ پاکستان (Occupied Pakistan)” is enough to understand what’s coming up next; the legacy of Sharif continues reminding Kargil, who can even forget that? Do they even know the meaning of hashtags they using? Do they even know that Maryam Safdar is just trying to hit two goals with one statement: first, diversion of people from her theft from national money and second, to encourage India on Kashmir issue because telling the world that Kashmir has been sold by Prime Minister Imran Khan, is actually giving India free hand and tomorrow, when any action will be taken against India on Kashmir conflict, it will also raise same point.
Just have a look at these tweets by Maryam Safdar:

On such tweets, she would have been under betrying but National Accountability Bureau (NAB) did a better step to arrest on her corruption and black money basis.

This is what Maryam Safdar has been spreading before arrest. Now coming back to Gul Bukhari, these intellectuals are unable to see the truth. They are just playing Kashmir card for getting sympathy and creating outrage. A sensible person do have a very basic ABC, that Kashmir conflict is far different from looting the money of state. Both matters have to be dealt separately. These liberals are unable to understand that an opposition leader, chairperson of his political party; abuses the Prime Minister of the country in parliament, how can anyone even do this? Yes, it’s not a joke anymore. Bilawal Zardari called PM Imran Khan “Beghairat” in the parliament. Now they don’t have ethics alarming? Imran’s world on calling the dacoits a dacoit was shameful, unethical and abusive, but a abuse is not an abuse in their eyes? Gul Bukhari! You even shares his video of abusing in parliament. Appreciative!

By the way, Mr Bilawal! You walked out of the assembly because Maryam has got arrested. On her arrest, you even left the Kashmir conflict discussion and that’s what shows your priority. Money is all Maryam and you are playing for and that is for what Mr Sharif and Mr Zardari had been.

Maryam is clearly not arrested on the basis of talking for Kashmir, but for being unable to answer the NAB inquiry with “Mujhy Nahi Pata (I don’t know)” during her hearing. She is unable to justify the among transferred to her account. That is the reason. If any common man is caught looting, Gul Bukhari, will you also talk such way for government for arresting him or its just the supplier?

The main grief in which the female Bukhari is in, is that there were more people with same intentions and now one by one the circle is getting closer and she knows, sooner or later, all will be taken in this storm. Have some look on the recent tweets that Gul Bukhari did on the arrest of Maryam.

On Pashtoon Movement issue, these liberals supported the terrorist activities by the group instead of supporting the Pakistan army on facing awful allegations. If there be written examples of the events when they were on first row, to betray, this article would never end. The conspiracy against the selected or elected PM by forever rejected ones has taken the capability to see right, hear right and say right.

Gul Bukhari, your abduction drama also doesn’t count by the way!

Gul Bukhari, what’s your matter with Pakistan army now? Really, what is it? Few journalists including Mansoor Khan, Talal Hussain, Wajeeh Sani, Saleem Safi, Hamid Mir, Umar Cheema and mainly the liberal and Jang group are seen in pain on the arrest of Maryam Safdar. All of them are sharing statements representing Pakistan a weaker state in front of India. Their followers are getting off the track and instead of running for the betterment of the country, they are running to opposite side with sharing all such things.

This is the same army that has risked their lives for the safety of Pakistan.

Come out of the air conditioned rooms, wear the polyester uniform, hold a heavy gun, spend your life on eating snakes, insects and wild, live away from your family and no guarantee to see them again, wear boots which are even heavier than the beta sole boots, stand in the scorching sun heat for a whole day and snowy freezing cold, instead of sleeping on luxury beds; sleep on leaves and hard surface of same temperature you faced all day; no guarantee of life. Its passion, its love for the country, nobody can chose such life, especially cowards, yes you got right.

The country right now needs to get united and a positive support to the forces and leadership, so that it can roar against India. But such activists and journalists wouldn’t let it happen until the ‘envelop system’ is snubbed and all the people involved in such shameful actions on the basis of their sinful greed must be brought for accountability now.

And remember! Kashmir issue is not be mixed with corruption issue, because Kargil is not forgotten yet. So better to let the matter down. Stop playing cards on Kashmir. Not bearable anymore!

Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Army Zindabad!


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