Mubasher Lucman Interviews Hafiz Saad Rizvi Right After His Release

Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) chief Hafiz Saad Hussain Rizvi reached Masjid Rahmat-ul-Alamin after his release; the leader was interviewed by Mubasher Lucman. 

Baaghi TV: In his first interview after his release, Hafiz Saad Rizvi talked in detail with the well-known and senior journalist and anchor person of Pakistan, Mubasher Lucman, about the situation and events during his detention.

In the video, senior journalist said:

“Hafiz Saad Rizvi has been released after suffering many hardships, difficulties and martyrdom of many comrades, dozens of arrests and not knowing how many people were injured and he has gone among his family. This is the first interview he has given. He was kind enough to talk to us.”

He said that he is a witness that behind the release of Hafiz Saad Rizvi there are prayers of millions of people, not just one or two.

On which Saad Rizvi thanked Allah Almighty and said:

“I am on this belief and I have never considered myself a prisoner.”

Mubasher Lucman asked Saad Rizvi if every Pakistani can give his life for the honor of Prophethood. Saad Rizvi said that of course every Pakistani can give his life. To which, the senior journalist said:

“You were honored by Allah at a young age that you became the leader of this movement [Tehreek-e-Labaik] at a very young age.”

The TLP leader stated:

“In the end, the truth comes out. What happened was unfortunate. The blood of my workers has been shed – and my workers have been injured. Their legs have been broken. I can’t get out of this violence. Knowing that the blood of your workers is being shed and those people are innocent and those who have just come out to protest, the whole world is protesting.”

The senior journalist asked if he [Saad Rizvi] wanted his supporters to know what pain he was in, to which the TLP leader said it would be best if it remained hidden.

Mubasher Lucman asked, “Your political party has been recognized [unbanned]. What is the plan of action now?”

The leader stated that the strategy of action as of now would be to carry on with the old agenda. He was asked why the government had stopped whilst coming to agreements with the party?

To this, Saad Rizvi said:

“The government probably don’t believe in their own words and sometimes they don’t believe in our existence. They think these [TLP supporters] are some people, we will disperse them and we will fire shells and bullets at them, they can kill them. It is not our intention to scare them away from this crowd or to show our power with it. We will celebrate it in terms of a way forward and people should not be bothered by it. It is the loyalty of our leader to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that is why people gather at his grave. And Fatiha comes to recite, so people should not be worried about that.”

The French government has undergone major changes, stated the senior journalist, and asked, “Would you agree to an apology from their embassy?”

On this Saad Rizvi said:

“Whether they get forgiveness or not but they should realize that what we are doing hurts millions of hearts. He who is a Muslim can tolerate everything in the universe. But we don’t tolerate anything when it comes to the honor of Prophet of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Who are we to ask forgiveness from him? We have no personal quarrel with him. The problem of Allah is that whether he apologizes or talks there, he has no problem with us. Our problem is with the Holy Prophet. It doesn’t matter, we are not ready to listen to them.”

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