Hamza Ali Abbasi disturbed over Delhi riots

Lahore, 29th Feb: Hamza Ali Abbasi, a leading Pakistani actor, raised his voice against the brutalities on the Indian Muslims, in the riots in the Indian capital New Delhi.

According to the Baaghi TV, Hamza Ali Abbasi prayed for the Indian Muslims as well as Hindus on the riots in the Indian capital New Delhi, saying that, may Allah have mercy on Muslims and Hindus of India.

Hamza Ali Abbasi on social networking portal Twitter, shared a Hindu person’s incident, who did not care about his own life and saved his six Muslim neighbors from the Indian extremist and jumped in to the fire himself.


According to the sources, a Hindu person, Premikant’s, Muslim neighbor’s house was set on fire by some Hindu extremists. When Premikant saw that their house was burning and all of them were in trouble, he jumped inside and saved six people. He has been badly burnt and is undergoing treatment at a hospital.

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Hamza Ali Abbasi wrote in another tweet, that it is very sad to see India and Delhi become Indian Occupied Kashmir. May Allah have mercy on all.

The actor and the religious speaker, took to Twitter to comment at the atrocities against the protesters of the controversial citizenship law, urging the world to take notice of human rights violations in India.

He expressed his emotions, telling that several people in Delhi are being murdered on the streets and Mosques are being disrespected, homes and businesses of the people have been burnt. He draws the attention of the international powers to these brutalities carried out on the Indian Muslims.

New Delhi Riots: Death toll rises to 34

According to the reports, a mosque was set on fire in the area, where it was reported that a mob shouting “Jai Shri Ram”, meaning “hail Lord Ram”, paraded around burning the holy mosque.

Aside from Abbasi, British comedian John Oliver has also recently slammed Modi over the controversial CAA, which has ignited deadly protests across the country for the past two months and more than 34 Indian Muslims have been killed so far.

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