Harbajhan Singh attracts criticism for insulting Pakistani journalist and a former fast bowler

Oct 28, 2021: Former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh has sparked anger, hatred and resentment after abusing a Pakistani woman journalist on Twitter.

During the argument, Harbhajan Singh and Mohammad Aamir also engaged in an ugly Twitter feud. After abusing each other, the former criticized the latter in a couple of tweets. The Pakistani woman journalist tagged Harbhajan Singh in a video of the 2006 Lahore Test match between India and Pakistan. The most memorable match of the match was when former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi bowled Harbhajan in one over and hit four sixes in a row in one over.

“For your reference, highly educated cricketer,” tweeted the woman journalist.

To which Harbhajan Singh shot back with a very rude response.

The former cricketer’s nasty comments angered both sides of the border on Twitter.

A lot Twitter users berated him for using a curse word while addressing a woman journalist, some Indians said they would henceforth stop “following” him and some even called him out for his inability to spell properly.

His countrymen mostly accused him for not acting according to the stature befitting a cricketing legend and also for not getting his facts straight as they said the Pakistani woman journalist was clearly more factually correct during the exchange.

In another video uploaded on Twitter to clarify Muhammad Aamir’s controversy, Harbhajan Singh also targeted Pakistani journalists. “You [Mohammad Amir] sold the country and these [Pakistani] journalists are supporting it,” he said in the video, “Very well,” he said, clapping. “It shows what you are.”

Another Indian woman tweeted, “Learn from Dhoni and Dravid how to be a gentleman.”

In his latest video, the Indian spinner addressed his Twitter beef with Muhammad Aamir. Harbhajan Singh, referring to Aamir’s notorious spot-fixing scandal, accused the Pakistani bowler of “selling his country” at Lord’s.

He talked about how he knew former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar, and how the two had been good friends for the past few days, so his joke was understandable. He said, “Our India-Pakistan issue was solved there,” however, Aamir also intervened and tweeted at me. “Amir is not at the level where I can talk to him,” he said. He added, “The more I talk to him, the more I will humiliate myself.

After lashing out at Aamir, he turned his guns on Pakistani journalists for supporting Aamir. “Aamir sold his country but is being supported by journalists,” he added.

He then asked Pakistani cricket fans to support his team, adding that he would continue to support India. Harbhajan Singh urged Pakistani fans not to interfere in the affairs of Indians, adding that they would not do the same.

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