Hareem Shah Money Laundering Case, CAA release statement

Lahore: Officials of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have issued a statement to clarify the issue concerning TikToker Hareem Shah carrying foreign currency.

The CAA has issued a statement denying connection with the issue of Hareem Shah carrying foreign currency from Jinnah International Airport (JIAP), Karachi. According to Baaghi TV reports, CAA officials have said that no inquiry is being made regarding the matter. 

The CAA has said that matters regarding currency and smuggling are handled by the customs authorities. 

Shah who is no novice when it comes to controversies has reportedly refused to transfer the money to London after the FIA announced the decision to start an investigation into the money laundering case. Meanwhile, a video has recently gone viral in which Hareem Shah confesses that she has transferred thousands of pounds to London. 

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According to the forty-five seconds video, Shah can be seen boasting. The TikTok star reportedly stated that this was her first trip carrying so much money, yet no one stopped her or said anything because she ‘legally’ traveled to London. Shah added, that the law in Pakistan is only for the poor. 

The FIA reportedly decided to investigate the matter once the confessional video went viral. However, Shah has not only refused to transfer the sum to London she has also denied involvement in fraudulent activities. “I have never done money laundering, nor do I know anything about it,” Hareem Shah said in a video.

In addition, Shah has reportedly denied the money-laundering allegations after the FIA announced the decision to launch an investigation. According to Shah, the video was made in jest and uploaded to social media. The video she claimed, was shot at her brother’s office. Moreover, Shah said those who do money-laundering, do not announce it to the world but do so quietly. Shah added that she traveled after legally clearing immigration, so she cannot have done money-laundering.

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On the other hand, FIA Cyber ​​Crime Sindh has taken notice against the TikTok star Hareem Shah for making a money-laundering video and then denying it. The FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime Sindh took another notice against Tuck Tucker after Hareem Shah confessed to money laundering and later retracted his statement.

Mr. Imran Riaz, Chief of the FIA Cyber Crime’s Sindh division, has reportedly taken notice of the matter. According to Riaz, “This is an act of ridiculing, disrupting, and defaming [the] Government of Pakistan as well as State Institutions using Cyber Space.” He added that the video comes under “preview of glorification of offence”.

According to Baaghi TV reports, the offense falls under the category of money laundering in cyberspace, for which an inquiry has been registered at the Cyber Crime Reporting Center in Karachi. Moreover, a formal notice has been issued to notify Hareem Shah to clarify the position.

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