Hareem Shah, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed: Video Goes Viral [WATCH]


Viral video of controversial Tiktok star, model and actress Hareem Shah calling Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed during a television (TV) show has amassed applause and massive backlash.

According to details, the viral video is from Tabish Hashmi’s chat show, ‘To Be Honest‘, which will feature Hareem Shah on November 24, 2021 at 8:00 pm (local time). However, the video of the teaser released went viral. In a short teaser, the host of the show asks Hareem Shah that, “Do you think that if you call him right now, he will pick your call?” To which the social media star replied, “let’s try”.

In the viral video, it can be seen that Hareem Shah calls the Federal Interior Minister and turns the screen of her mobile in front of the camera, which shows that she saved his number by the name ‘Sheikhu‘.

It can be seen in the teaser that Sheikh Rasheed picks up the call of Hareem Shah and immediately asks her to call him later citing that he is busy. When she insisted to continue the conversation, he told her to shut up in front of live audience of the show in Karachi.

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According to the teaser, Hareem Shah laughs and turns off her mobile phone after receiving a rebuke from the Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed. However, the full truth of the matter will be revealed on November 24, 2021 when Hareem Shah’s talk show will be aired.

Even before the said program, Hareem Shah has been talking about the Sheikh Rashid Ahmed and in the past a video of her phone call to the Interior Minister had gone viral.

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It is to be noted that she had declared Sheikh Rashid as his brother however, on the other hand, she had suggested him to get married and claimed that he was not getting married because of her.


Earlier, she caused a furore as the news of her marriage spread like a wildfire on the internet.

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