Head of the UN Environment warns of the end of biodiversity

The top environmental official at the United Nations has said that “we are at war with nature” and that we need to “make peace” as UN countries meet at Cop15 in Montreal to agree on a plan to protect the planet’s biodiversity.   

During the last month, our planet welcomed its 8 billionth new resident.

Rapid use of natural resources has many effects on the world’s ecosystem, and one of them is that more resources are needed to keep supply and demand in balance.

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CM Punjab declares an environmental emergency to reduce smog

Inger Andersen, the head of the UN Environment Programme, added, the more people there are, the more pressure we put on the Earth.

Biodiversity is an indication that we are at war with Mother Nature. It is important to live in harmony with global biodiversity. Earth is place where all life forms come from, which is what all scientists agree on.

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