Heavy snow in Murree leads to traffic jams and stranded vehicles

Jan 25, 2022: According to a report by Geo News, following the snowfall in Murree, tourists are once again facing difficulties as they have been stranded due to the traffic jam on Thanda Jungle road.

Rescue and highway personnel were working to restore traffic flow. Rescue officials say the road has been blocked due to increased slipperiness.

Thanda Jungle Road connects Murree with Bhurban and Azad Kashmir. Rescue officials said workers were busy clearing traffic and evacuating tourists. Rescue workers are continuing their best response in the most difficult situations and teams from the affected areas are being sent immediately for rescue operations.

According to Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Wasim Riaz, entry from Kaldana to Galyat is temporarily restricted while tourist vehicles will not be allowed to enter Murree from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Waseem also said that 590 tourist vehicles entered Murree and 367 exited the hill station.

Riaz added that there are about 692 tourist vehicles in Murree so far, adding that vehicles are being assisted by two trucks and cranes.

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