Hepatitis C patients reach one crore in Pakistan

KARACHI: An epidemiologist says that the number of hepatitis C infected people in Pakistan has reached one crore.

Compared to other countries, the proportion of hepatitis C cases in Pakistan has increased severalfold. Renowned epidemiologist Dr. Homi Razavi from the American Center for Disease Analysis (CDA) expressed his views at a seminar on hepatitis.

According to medical experts, despite the government’s commitment to eliminate hepatitis by 2030, the prevalence of hepatitis C has continued to rise, with nearly 10 million Pakistanis living with viral hepatitis C today.

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Pakistan reported more than 461,000 new cases of hepatitis C in 2020 alone, the highest number of new cases in any country.

In addition to foreign specialists, Professor Amina Subhan, a gastroenterologist at Aga Khan University Hospital, participated in the event organized by the Pakistan Society for the Study of Liver Diseases.

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