‘Herculean’ efforts save homes as Australia fires rage

Sydney, Sept 10 (AFP/APP):Massive bushfires across eastern Australia could be blazing for weeks, authorities warned Tuesday, as firefighters launched “Herculean” efforts to save homes from destruction.

More than 130 fires are raging in the states of Queensland and New South Wales, fuelled by strong winds and a prolonged drought, in an unusually ferocious and early start to the wildfire season.

Hundreds were evacuated after a fresh fire broke out on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, where video footage showed a huge blaze tearing through forests and glowing embers raining down.

About 1,000 firefighters battled through the night to contain the blazes across Queensland.

“Last night’s Herculean efforts resulted in nothing short of a miracle,” Queensland acting Premier Jackie Trad told reporters.

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