Herd Immunity: Has Pakistan developed it?

When the world had its eyes focused on China, Italy and Iran, I watched Borris Johnson’s first live plan of action to fight Corona Outbreak.

I found that approach the most appealing and perfect as a doctor. His major approach aimed at creating Herd Immunity amongst the populace. I actually applauded his approach and discussed with my friends and colleagues. But unfortunately, health and Epidemiological SoPs took a back seat to the politics which promoted doomsday scenario and cried for lock downs and curfews.

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan had exactly the same concept of Herd Immunity in mind where Social Distancing is promoted, encouraged and enforced at times but no Lock Downs.

The mathematics are simple: It is a fact that 80% recover without symptoms. 20% will develop symptoms and will recover at home. Out of this 20% a fraction would need hospitalization and out of those even a smaller fraction will need ICU and further smaller fraction could die.

Faisal Bukhari

So whats the fuss about? Let the 80% develop immunity and let them move around doing their jobs and businesses. Yes, it is a pandemic but when 8 people out of 10 are immune, their movements automatically is infection free. Yes the pressure on hospitals and all is a phenomenon but as Mr Trump said “Cure should not be worse than the disease”.

Locking down businesses and halting life of billions is a bad model in my view.

I am also seeing our pseudo-intellectuals of Pakistan crying that the actual cases are much more and deaths are being hidden by the government. We are a people who keep their dead bodies of loved ones on roads, make videos of smallest of issues. How many of your own relatives or village or street have died or hospitalized so far?? How many dead bodies have u seen so far?

Please relax. I assure you that more than 70% of us have already been infected and have developed Herd Immunity.

I believe the same has happened in India and Afghanistan. Yes this is a critical time but the new studies are pointing out to the same phenomenon.

There will be deaths. There will be hospitalizations. But there should not be food riots and deaths due to hunger. May Allah bless our country and us all.

Faisal Bukhari

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