Here’s the reason why Jawad Ahmad shared a depressing Tweet

Singer Jawad Ahmed is once again a victim of Corona Virus.

Leading Pakistani singer and chairman of the Barabri Party, Jawad Ahmed, has contracted the corona virus for the second time.

According to the details, the well-known singer had complaints of fever and sore throat, after which he underwent a test in a private laboratory which resulted positive.

The singer has quarantined himself at home after testing positive for Carona.

In this regard, singer Jawad Ahmed says that I went to the teachers’ protest and I am afraid that the virus may have been transmitted to me from there. He further said Thank God I am fine but I have confined myself to home.

He wrote in his tweet on Twitter that he is suffering from corona virus once again. He said he isn’t sure if he will survive this time or not. He shared that he can afford expensive treatment if he had to undergo one but he is so disappointed with the world full of poverty, helplessness and deprivation that he said there is no enjoyment in living in a world like this anymore.

He further wrote that it is necessary to change this world before going to heaven.