The Popular ‘Hi-Tea’ trend replacing ‘‘Chai Dhaba” culture

ISLAMABAD, Sep 29 (APP): With the changing new trends of fashion and food eateries in Pakistan, over times the culture of roadside Kiosks (Chai dhaba) replaced with the famous cafes and Hi-tea trend in country as majority of youngsters are more incline toward Hi-tea restaurants noways with its rising demands.

Originally, the term ‘dhaba’ was used for restaurants on the highway, which serve local food dishes. These roadside shacks were basically mud structures with charpaais, for mostly truck drivers going to and fro, to sit upon and have food.

According to Restaurants, in the past few years the dhabas had lost their flair as they were gradually and excessively replaced by modern eateries or restaurants.

These eateries were usually a lot more expensive with a modern and an up to-date infrastructure having a larger area to accommodate more people, said a local Hi-tea serve restaurant manager.

Fahim Zia a citizen says, these restaurants are providing great food with a clean environment which is why a large sector of the population was attracted to such options. And slowly, the dhabas were overshadowed.

The popularity of tea has given rise to hi-tea, and afternoon tea, which has become a new trend for restaurants and hotels all across the country including Islamabad city who are offering special Hi-tea discount offers with variety of dishes to attract more and more consumers said Mohsin Aftab.

Another visitor of E11 restaurant with having great Hi-tea gathering with friends commented that serving more than 30 items in Hi-Tea is a amazing deals for my friends so we are obviously prefer it .

E-11 Local famous Hi-tea restaurant offering the best Hi-Tea at only Rs 850 per person, with a variety of 30+ dishes, it is the best place to be daily from 3 pm to 6 pm, said a Fakhra Mukhtar a visitor.

With time, these modern places have grown in number as the people in country willing to try new things as well as get a nostalgic taste of the old Pakistani food.

A worker in restaurant says these ‘hotels’ are famous for their strong tea and kehwa they also offer malai paratha and dhood patti in traditional green chainak [teapot] or small cups, depending on what you ask for.

Islamabad is a city where people love to eat out at least once or twice a week and it is surely a favorite pass time. People from all walk of life love to hang-out over a cup of tea in restaurants said 22 year old Javeria Uzair.

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