Hitler Modi to pay huge price for human violation in Kashmir: Sheikh Rasheed

ISLAMABAD, Sep 13 (APP):Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed Friday warned that Pakistan “would go to any lengths” to support the cause of the oppressed Kashmiri people and Hitler Modi would pay huge price for his historic blunder against continuing curfew and human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir.

Talking to private news channel, he said PM Imran Khan is the identity of Pakistan in the entire world and he always proved his enemies and critics wrong by his struggle and strong determination not only for Pakistan but for Kashmiri people as well.

It is the first time in history of Pakistan that PTI’s government is aggressively highlighting Kashmir issue at all appropriate international forums, he added.

He said today PM Imran Khan would be accorded a historical reception upon his arrival in Muzaffarabad.
He said, the people including men, women and children had traveled from across different cities and even other countries to reach Muzaffarabad to express solidarity with the Kashmiri people, adding, people of Pakistan and government would stand by the Kashmiris till India lifts the restrictions in the Valley.

He said visit of PM Imran Khan to Muzaffarabad to address a public gathering would definitely have a strong impact across the world.

Pakistan always expressed solidarity with Kashmir brethren and stood with them and would continue their support for their right to self-determination, he added.
Pakistan is utilizing all available channels to highlight Kashmir issue, he said.
Kashmir issue has been internationalized and the credit of this achievement goes to Imran Khan for his effective diplomatic efforts.

He said, “we will be able to seek more international support in coming times even from inside Indian public will be the part of this struggle in coming days as Indian also criticizing Modi government”.
The world has started comparing Narendra Modi with Adolf Hitler over the scrapping of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and blockade of the region, he mentioned.

Sheikh said the entire world is watching what is happening in Kashmir, adding, if today the world does not stand against Modi’s fascist government, it would not stop here.

India has made an unprecedented move in the disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir which is a bit strategic mistake committed by Narendra Modi and it would backfire badly.
Minister says that PM Imran Khan is participating in the public gathering with more devotion and enthusiasm.

“We will run a worldwide campaign involving overseas Pakistanis, international human rights organisations and activists, celebrities, and influencers, he said.

The “Modi sarkar” should leave Kashmir as soon as possible, he said, adding, as his Army is not able to face Pakistani forces in any war if it happened.
Hitler Modi made a “historic blunder” by revoking Kashmir’s special autonomy.
The railways minister further advised the opposition parties to join the government in supporting the Kashmir cause.
He said that India has turned Kashmir the world’s largest prison and its garrison “unleashing the history’s worst reign of state terrorism and violence against the innocent Kashmiris, who are imprisoned in their houses, besides various notorious jails and torture cells in the turbulent occupied state.”

He said the steps taken by Pakistan towards Kashmir issue are in right direction.
Pakistan has not only exposed the Indian fascism but also the ideology of RSS and BJP in front of the world, he added.

“I urge World community not to let Kashmir become another Palestine. We cannot live with this humiliation. If it comes to war, we will fight,” he said, adding, we fought for Kashmir in the past and we will fight for Kashmir till its logical end”.

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