Horoscope predictions for today October 18, 2021

Oct 18, 2021: According to horoscope prediction for today, for zodiac signs- Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio, there’s possibility of completion of past projects.

As Jupiter will be retrograde in Capricorn, and move towards Aquarius, overall prosperity and abundance can be expected. With the Moon in its Waxing Gibbous phase, Monday will get started with Sagittarians, Pisceans finding a new spark in their lives. For zodiac signs- Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio, there’s possibility of completion of past projects. Monday, October 18 will see Sagittarians, Pisceans finding a new spark in their lives. It’s time for Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo to reinvent themselves a little. Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius might have to travel (abroad or within the country). New ventures might be on the cards for them.

Horoscope ARIES: (MARCH 21- APRIL 19)

Today, think before you leap

Be very careful before taking decisions in terms of long term commitments, marriage and also health. Traveling and buying new property might be on the cards as finances look promising. Devote time to settle some family issues.

Alphabets A, L, E are going to prove lucky for you. Opt for numbers 1, 8 and the colour red to attract good luck.

Horoscope TAURUS: (APRIL 20- MAY 20)

Romance is in the air

Chances of your social network growing big are high. Romantic relationships will blossom. Lots of love and care will pour in from near and dear ones. Health and economic aspects look strong. Travel might cause exhaustion.

Your lucky numbers would be 2,7.

Horoscope GEMINI: (MAY 21- JUNE 20)

Overall a great day is predicted

Those in academics will perform exceedingly well. Professionals will find a lucrative career option. Issues regarding property matters will be in your favor. You will find your health improving. To have a peaceful family life, avoid confrontation.

Wear yellow as it will bring you good luck. Try to use numbers 3, 6 as they will be highly favorable for you.

Horoscope CANCER: (JUNE 21- JULY 22)

Possibility of spending time with someone special

You will feel financially secure and might find yourself devoting time to fitness. Peace will reign on the domestic front. Academically you will be successful. Moon is your Rashi lord. Milky white will be your lucky colour, and stick to number 4 to get desired results during important work.

Horoscope LEO: (JULY 23- AUGUST 23)

Cloud of uncertainty will dissipate

You will fare fabulously in the professional front. Finances look great. Buying new property is not advised. Change in perspective will bring you mental peace. Spending some quality time with your partner will be a great idea to strengthen the bond.

Lucky number will be 5.

Horoscope VIRGO: (AUGUST 23- SEPTEMBER 22)

Virgo may feel under confident today

A job switch promises better opportunities for Virgos. Academically you might excel. Pay heed to the advice of your family members. You might take help from a fitness expert to stay healthy. Financial stability will keep you calm.

Seek blessings of Mercury, your ruling planet. To ensure good luck choose numbers 3, 8 and wear green.


Travelling will bring immense fun for Libras

Great time to buy a new property. Professionally, there might be good news. You will receive a lot of praise for your work. Students will do extremely well. Fitness wise you will find yourself motivated.


Might benefit from a previous investment

You might get a pleasant surprise on the academic front. Don’t forget to bargain hard before closing a deal. You will find yourself reaching your fitness goal. Refrain from using harsh words to your relatives. A boost to your professional reputation is on the cards.

You might feel stressed today, due to travel, so consider taking rest at intervals.

While heading for important work, wear red since Mars is your ruling planet.


Happiness out of visiting someone close for Sagittarians

Be careful while spending money. You will find yourself quite inclined to fitness. For those in the construction business, might receive good news. Your job will make you reinvent yourself.

9, 12 would be your go-to colours to fetch good luck. Wear shades of yellow to attract good luck as Jupiter is your ruling planet.


Finances look fantastic

You might receive an invitation for a social gathering. Be calm while travelling and don’t force anyone unwilling to travel with you. Finances look fantastic. You will experience a different kind of marital bliss and happiness.


Opt for colours in shades of cyan to attract good luck

You will find yourself energized and inclined to work out more. Great time for family bonding as you will feel calm; and get enough family support.

Investments in real estate will promise good returns in future.

Horoscope PISCES: (FEBRUARY 19- MARCH 20)

Not a day for confrontations

Ideal time to focus on your love life. A quiet romantic date might add spark to your life. You will be blessed with great health, and receive good advice from someone. Avoid confrontation in the office. Talks about selling property might keep you busy.

Jupiter’s blessings will help you make your day favorable. Numbers 9, 12 will prove lucky for you while doing any auspicious work.

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