Horoscope predictions for today October 22, 2021

Oct 22, 2021: According to horoscope predictions for today, October 22, 2021 will be a lucky day likely for Sagittarius and Pisces, but it could be rough for Gemini.

This Friday, October 22, Virgos will receive some good news regarding their finances, while Sagittarius and Pisces people may have some luck in meeting a new potential partner who will brighten their day. For Libra, this day is all about social media detoxification and going far away from the madding crowd. Gemini and Cancers may have to face some rough patches in their personal lives but they will emerge victorious.

Horoscope ARIES (MARCH 21- APRIL 19)

Aries will be harbouring intense emotions today

You may find yourself harbouring some intense emotions. Do not let this feeling overpower you and make you turn harsh. Remember what it is to be kind and humane and lean on your close friends to help you better understand both yourself and them.

Ruled by planet Mars your zodiac sign receives luck when around bright colours, so wear a red outfit this Thursday. Numbers 1, 8 and letters A,L,E will bring you luck.

Horoscope TAURUS(APRIL 20- MAY 20)

Pastel pink colour likely to bring luck for Taurus

You may have been ignoring certain emotions for the past few days but today it may be too much to handle. Remember it is alright to feel the natural response of your psyche and let it wash over you once in a while. It is best if you stay at home today and spend time alone or with those you trust the most.

Planet Venus is the ruler of your zodiac sign, hence wear subtle colours like pastel pink for luck. You will be guided by numbers 2 and 7, and letters B, V, U this Thursday.

Horoscope GEMINI (MAY 21- JUNE 20)

Revelation in romantic life likely for Gemini

Today you might find something new about your romantic relationship. A new element or discovery will show you how you are not addressing your own needs in an intimate relationship. There may be one of the partners who is investing more time and energy than the other partner.

It is time you address this issue and restore the balance. Colours like yellow, orange or vermillion will be good for you. Letters K, C and G, and numbers 3, 6 will be lucky for you this Thursday.

Horoscope CANCER (JUNE 21- JULY 22)

Cancer, be careful. Tensions may flare up at home

This Thursday, you may find yourself in the middle of a highly tense environment at home. Your first instinct may be to escape the familial tension, however, remember that at some point you will have to face the issue and address it instead of running away from it.

Do not try to bury yourself with overwork while you are at it. Moon is your ruling planet hence, wear glittering champagne colour this Thursday for luck while letters H, D, and number 4 will bring you all the guidance you need.

Horoscope LEO (JULY 23- AUGUST 23)

Be mindful of your feelings, Leo

You may have the tendency to follow your feelings without analyzing or realising where they might lead you. Do not act on your impulses and take a moment before you make any kind of commitment today. You must recognize that your intellectual expressions may be a reflection of your fears.

You may be feeling apprehensive when it comes to addressing your own fears, but today might be a good day to break out of that fear. Lucky colour is royal blue while alphabets M, T and number 5 will support you in your endeavours.


Financial benefits likely for Virgo today

Today you may receive some good news regarding your finances. There are multiple opportunities coming in your way that will benefit you financially. Make sure you keep your eyes wide open as you look for new investment opportunities.

This also means that you should be careful about how you spend your money. Saving is key to long-term financial success. Your lucky colour this Thursday is forest pumpkin as planet Mercury rules your zodiac sign. Focus on numbers 3,8, and letters P,T, and N for luck.


Libra may plan a vacation

You may plan a vacation today and escape all the noise and clutter brought to you by social media. Let go of certain obligations and focus on your own healing and rejuvenation this day. You may feel the tendency to cater to other people’s needs but the feeling of addressing your needs will be heavier.

Your need to focus on yourself for a change is what this is all about. Through this process you may become aware of feelings of frustration you have previously ignored. Your zodiac sign is ruled by planet Venus, hence wear off-white and choose numbers 2,7 and letters R, T for support in your upcoming endeavours.


Scorpio, go deeper to understand your frustration

In the previous weeks, you have become more aware of your own frustrations. Now is the time to go deeper and address the root cause of such feelings that have been hindering your growth. Focus on a new spiritual practice that may help you connect your mind and soul and bring out a possible solution.

Your zodiac sign is ruled by planet Mars which is in transit, hence wearing the colour purple will be lucky for you. Numbers 1, 8, and the letters N and Y will bring you support this Thursday.


Sagittarius may have to let go their present relationship 

It may seem like you are losing a lot in your romantic life. But beware that the sun always shines after a storm. You may have to let go of your present relationship to experience what truly it is that you desire. Do not forget that you are capable of charming a room and drawing attention to yourself without even trying.

You will be fine in the romance department and may meet someone new soon. Your zodiac sign is ruled by planet Jupiter hence your lucky colour this Thursday is pink. For Thursday letters B, D, and P, and numbers 9, 12, will bring you luck.


Open up to a close friend, Capricorn

You are the type of person who will choose to remain silent about their own emotional turmoils, but this Thursday you can try opening up to a friend or a family member. Share your trauma, your suppressed emotions and let go of feelings that have been weighing you down all this time.

Your lucky colour for the day is brown as planet Saturn rules your zodiac sign, while numbers 10, 11, and letters K, J will bring you a fortune this Thursday.


Aquarius may reap the fruits of their labour

Your ruling planet Saturn has emerged out of the shadows of retrograde and it is bringing direct benefits to you. All the hard work and struggle that you may have had to go through in the past few months will make sense.

You will be rewarded if you work with honesty. Instead of avoiding the feelings that wash over you during this time, you must address them and let it take control. Choose colour cinnamon red, and numbers 10, 11, and letters G and S will bring you luck.

Horoscope PISCES (FEBRUARY 19- MARCH 20)

Time for Pisces to release emotional tensions

If you have been suffering in silence and dragging yourself through the day, today is the perfect occasion to let it all out and lighten your feet. Gather the courage to release the emotional stress and return to your kinder version. You will be returning to your calm compassionate self and you might even have some luck in the love department.

Someone new is going to come along and brighten your world. Your zodiac sign Pisces, is ruled by planet Neptune and the colour fluorescent pink will suit you. Go for numbers 9, 12, and letters D, C, J, and T will be your guide on Thursday.

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