How is India preparing for its biggest vaccine drive?

New Delhi, 12th January: How is India preparing itself for its massive vaccine drive?

Baaghi TV: India will soon begin one of the world’s biggest inoculation programmes, aimed at protecting its 1.3 billion people from COVID-19.

Starting from 16th of January, the government will start vaccinating people and it plans to vaccinate 300 million people by early August.

According to reports from BBC News, it will begin inoculating approximately 10 million health workers, followed by policemen, soldiers, municipal and other frontline workers.


Next in line for the jab would be people aged over 50 and anyone under 50 with serious underlying health conditions.

As per reports, India has recorded the second-highest number of COVID-19 infections in the world, after the US. According to the latest data, it has confirmed more than 10.3 million cases and over 150,000 deaths.


According to reports, the country’s drugs regulator has given the green light to two vaccines, Covishield developed by AstraZeneca with Oxford University and Covaxin developed by a local firm Bharat Biotech.

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