How long will sexual brutality & abuse last?

Pakistan is an Islamic state in which the news of rape is constantly disturbing and also worrying because it makes us question, where we are going? What are the reasons that the honor of a child, a girl, a woman, or even a man is not safe here? How easy it has become to roam free here by committing a crime or to be easily acquitted by the courts.

In Pakistan, in the year 2020, on average, 8 children were involved in various crimes every day, while the incidence of sexual exploitation with them has increased by 17%. According to the total statistics of adults and minors across the country, there were 1,510 cases of rape with girls and 1,450 cases with boys.

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After all, why isn’t the incidence of child sexual abuse declining?

Pakistan has different laws on Zainab Alert Bill and Rape but the number of cases is not decreasing? These are the basic questions. If you don’t get the answers, it will be too late. It is also justified that if a woman wears a full veil and veil, it will not be a crime, but the question would also arise that even 3-year-old children have been tortured, even graves have been dug and raped. What does this have to do with the screen?

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These cases are also linked to the Dark Web, so what has been done about it? Why this aspect is so easily overlooked is discussed for a while but then closes. It is very important to see here what is the matter. Who are the people involved? And have people connected to the Dark Web been arrested or not?

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All the rapists caught to date have a criminal background. They are habitual criminals, who have raped multiple victims. The accused has been jailed many times before but unfortunately, no check is kept on them. They rape once again, get caught, and get away with it easily. It is very important that the old system of justice is maintained so that the criminals are given exemplary punishments so that these beasts think a thousand times while committing heinous acts. Some cases are reported but there are countless such cases in other cities, streets, and villages which we do not even know about because the families of the raped children are silent for fear of appearing in the media.

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One of the bitter realities of our society is that in our educational institutions and especially in religious institutions there are cases of homosexuality and abuse which is a moment of reflection. Parents are worried and children and madrassas are unsafe. These are the places where parents send their children for religious education so that they can read the Holy Quran, learn the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him), and improve their lives. But some of the beasts here are spoiling the honors instead of improving their lives. In this case, the religious leaders should put all interests ahead of the curse as soon as possible because these few beasts have endangered Islam.

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In our society, this issue is not discussed openly so parents should educate their children in this regard. Teachers in schools should inform the children about how to ensure their own safety but the first responsibility of the state is to make its people feel safe.

Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. Everything is done now, practical steps are needed, implementation is needed, the law needs to be tightened and most importantly, it needs to be serious.

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This Opinion has been contributed by Sajawal Saleem. He can be reached at @Sajawal_13 on Twitter. 

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