How the Absolutely Not from England and New Zealand will hurt Pakistan

With New Zealand and England now officially cancelling their Pakistan tours and Australia most likely to follow suit one can presume that Pakistan cricket is at the crossroads. Forget the talent if any, forget the victim card of international conspiracies the reality is Pakistan cricket board now stands isolated with few future revenue generation options.

For any full member of the ICC test playing nation, each member has a financial revenue-generating model which benefits the ICC hence India, England and Australia were labelled as the Big Three.

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Pakistan’s future in line with the ICCs revised 2017 financial model looks bleak. The ICC financial model emphasises the contributions made by the full members which include Pakistan. Whilst India is leaps and bounds ahead of the others England and Australia follow.

Pakistan’s revenue-generating capabilities have not been far behind considering it now calls the UAE home.

So what’s next for Pakistan?

Given international cricket in Pakistan looks to be out of the question for some time and the stance was taken by the incoming chairman Ramiz Raja to not agree to play outside of Pakistan for its home series this will mean a financial loss for the PCB and I am not quite sure this stance will qualify the PCB for the Test Cricket Fund.

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Pakistan should take any opportunities it can get whether it’s in the UAE or elsewhere as this will mean financial revenue must keep ticking over. After all, it was Ramiz Raja himself who advised the Pakistanis to leave emotions and (pakistaniyat) to the side and accept the Big 3 financial model. The statement prompted Bishan Bedi to let Ramiz Raja know to have self-respect for its country and not accept the Big 3 financial model which was based on contribution formulas for India, England and Australia.

With the Geo-Political situation taking a massive shift Pakistan is likely to face many more challenges coming its way after all the Big 3 India, England and Australia of the ICC was all part of the allies against the Taliban regime in Afghanistan for over a decade. They might have left the Afghan soil in a rush however in the cricketing world these 3 countries are the major power brokers given their contribution to the ICC is unmatched by the other full members.

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Personally, my prediction is there will be very little cricket in Pakistan for the next 5 years and hosting teams like Zimbabwe or Sri Lanka and the declining South Africans might not be a revenue model the PCB would want to rely on.

With New Zealand and England now cancelling their tours rest assured there will be an (Absolutely Not) from Australia.

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