How to Become a Helping Hand?

We humans possess feelings for each other that fill this world with love and care.

These feelings should comprise of being helpful and compassionate for each other. If we don’t look out for others then what type of a species would we be turning into?

We all need help from time to time either a young one or an old person. Be a helping hand by starting with your home, by being caring to your elders and young ones you are playing your part.

There is so much you can do around you, just by approaching people around in your social circle. Some elder might need your time only, just listening to them or even talking to them could be of great help to you and them. A young one at home could enjoy having your company or learning something in your presence. There could be other helpers too, just lending them little help makes a difference.

Help could be in any form: financial, physical or emotional. Always be ready to assist.

Being a student, you could be helpful at your school area. Helping other students in their weaker field could solve somebody’s problem. You could give out free lessons to help them out on any subject. You could be helpful to a kid who is facing bully issues by lending your support and counseling. Teachers and other staff might be needing a helping hand in the form of carrying out their little chores or even following their instructions would be thoughtful.

A helping attitude is always welcomed in an office environment. A sense of camaraderie should exist by being considerate for each other. Jealousy and being envious destroy the healthy atmosphere and kills the thoughtfulness among people. Be supportive of your peers and help in any way possible.

Community service is the best way to be helpful to your environment, and this should be inculcated since younger years from school.

Today’s children if taught to do such services can bring about a lot of change in our society.

Picking up trash around your area and motivating others to follow you is one such example of a community helper. Similarly sorting the materials for recycling and reusing can be of help too. Always volunteer for any type of charity services going around. Even a simple smile or a thank you word could bring happiness to others.

Being helpful to others teach you patience, humility, humbleness and gratitude.

Doing favors for others educate you to be thankful of yourself and the things you have. People receiving your help aren’t the only ones benefitting, you are also indirectly learning and gaining untold rewards.

Cooperating and dealing in a friendlier way with others make you a better and a stable person over all. It gives you a sense of satisfaction. Either you donate money, some useful stuff, or your time you will feel fulfilled and accomplished.

Try to create a place which is worth living for us all.


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