How to deal with an opinionated child?

Stubborn children are creative, intelligent, and opinionated. They ask queries. Parents assume that they are rebels. These toddlers take action. They want people to acknowledge them. These kids need attention.

Such kids do something if they like it. They show tantrums. These little ones are born leaders. These munchkins are achievers.

This is how they should be treated:

Talk to them:

These children become determined. Sensitive kids are rebellious. They depend on their quick-wits.

These toddlers get frustrated and answer back sometimes. They do not like the tone or mannerisms of elders. Parents should become their partners. A child listens if parents discuss problems.

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Give calculated freedom:

Parents should take children to grocery stores to shop. They can set timers while kids fill bags with their favorites.


A little one reacts obstinately if he does not get what he wants. Parents must make a deal with him. They should ask: What is the matter? If they do not want to sleep at 9 pm. Parents must agree on a timing fine with both. They will understand that they are important to their parents.

Parents should explain that ice cream worsens allergies. They respond when they know that they are important.

Present the right options:

Toddlers refuse when parents tell them not to use cell phones after 10 pm.

They should instead give them 2 storybooks. So, they select their favorite. More than two choices confuse children.

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No Screaming:

Instead of screaming, parents should tell him why he/she should not stay up late. They must stay peaceful even if it means meditation.

Munchkins can meditate with parents too.

Set the examples:

Parents are role models for the little ones. They will respect them if they value them. Parents should give significance to their thoughts. They must show that they believe them by allowing them to do tasks on their own.

Parents should make similar regulations for children. They should be nonflexible to apply them. Mothers should ask them for help calmly.

Understand them:

Parents should look at pictures from children’s eyes to understand their actions. If such a child does not want to learn twenty spellings at the moment; allow her to learn ten spellings after an hour.

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No Shortcuts:

It is a technical thing that parents must understand. If your child acts stubbornly while eating. Parents usually offer a treat after meals. If parents agree to demands so toddlers do not cry, they will make it a habit. Fathers should not put children under spotlights. They should make sure that they listen to them calmly. Munchkins must know how to give importance to others; to stand for themselves.

How Teachers should deal with stubborn kids:

Students must know that teachers value their success. Tutors should involve students in in-class activities. Professors must know of pupils’ passions. Lecturers should highlight learners’ abilities. So, they know that they love them and they have got the potential to do something.

Pupils like it when teachers appreciate them for their achievements. They should do it without putting him in the spotlight. So, he does not compare his progress with others. Tutors should teach learners to help others. For example, ‘I appreciate Nadia for helping Sarah with her tenses.’

Stubborn students carry out huge goals and they really have the energy and enough spirit to achieve them. Teachers should encourage them to work on significant problems. Pupils will learn to use vigor for good causes.

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Criticism gives pupils chances to revolt so in such a case teachers should be very careful and sensitive. Teachers should always be calm. So, learners follow orders and understand the teacher’s point of view.

A tutor should deal with difficult students to the point. They should not ridicule, order or question them. A professor must maintain a neutral body language. For example, they should ask pupils to sit down and write a paragraph rather than shouting.

Stubbornness does not imply that students can get away with anything. They are answerable for their misbehavior. Yet, tutors should not face pupils at the moment. They can deal with them calmly. For example, ‘Read the story from where we left yesterday. We will discuss it after a few days.’

Teachers should give time so that students complete tasks given by them. He should know that professors are not ordering them.

Everyone should help stubborn children to change their ways positively. It can prove very fruitful in our journey to a better society.

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