How to Make Your Study Stress Free?

Learning is a process that is never easy, and what is learnt the hard way goes a long way.

If you ever ask a student about their studies, it is always answered to be the difficult of all the tasks. I have passed through all such phases and now being an adult I feel that was the simplest and fun part of my life.

In my opinion if we follow some basic rules of organizing our schedule the tenuous task of studying could be made a bit easier.

To begin with, why not start by listing your most difficult study areas to the simpler ones. In this way you will be able to see which subject needs your attention and work harder. The field in which you are lagging behind should be given the first priority and maximum of your time.

However boring and tough it may seem, the sooner you deal with it the better you are equipped to handle it. Try taking some help from any elder around or your senior or consult some extra books from a library.

Extra study always helps and gets you prepared.

Always try to be well prepared for the lesson in advance, if you go through your text a day before your class then believe me it’s a life saver. Adding to your help would be the revision of the lesson that you attended in your classroom. By going through your work twice or thrice this way, you’ll be able to learn it by heart.

Remember to not to stress over your exams, rather get yourself ready to take up the challenge.

Don’t freak out as it will only add to your worries and hinder your learning capabilities. The more relaxed you are, the better equipped you are to handle any type of situation.

Organize your timings and schedule yourself. If you have any test or exam approaching, divide your time, taking half an hour break after every two hours giving your mind a break too . Make a plan of every chapter of every subject and give your time accordingly. The difficult chapters should be dealt as your top most priority so that you have enough time to prepare.

While studying your body also needs rest so opt for body stretches first. Stretching your muscles helps them work efficiently, may it be brain muscles, arms, neck or back all of them need to align after sitting in one position. Exercise opens up your mind and a walk or a stroll is the best way to destress.

Similarly you should also be conscious about your diet, nuts are no doubt the quickest way to feed your brain with the right proteins. Fruits keep your body in a balanced state. Never skip your meals because of vigorous studying. Some lose their appetite while preparing for a test or an exam and that keeps their energy low, preventing them from doing extra hours of studying.


School timings are kept early everywhere as the mind works best in the morning and that happens if we sleep at a proper time the night before. You should be done with your learning till 9 pm maximum so that your brain gets time to relax. Studying up till late hours should be seldom. Early rising and then learning is the best way of retaining information.

Always remember: Your health and happiness is all that matter first .

If you are in a healthy state of mind and a body only then you will be able to learn and study more .So do enjoy this part of your youth along with being responsible and focused in life to achieve your goals.

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